Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Best Cheesesteak and Gyro in Dayton are on the same menu

Philly Steak House has the best cheesesteaks and gyros in Dayton. I am emphatic about this but I will taste your argument. The restaurant is at 3598 Salem Ave. Dayton, OH 45406. If you're coming from downtown, its on the left past Miami Valley Country Club but before you get to Siebenthaler. The restaurant sign is small and has too much color to be read. Be prepared to pass it. I found the place because I was lost around lunch time.

The place is scary. The first time that I was there, the owner told me that he'd been robbed the weekend before by guys with machine guns. No, this restaurant isn't in Dayton, its in Harrison Township. The kitchen/cash register is now closed off from the rest of the restaurant by very thick plastic.

I'm not telling you this to scare you off. I'm telling you this because it gives my next sentence more credibility. It's all worth it. I've taken a lot of people there since I've discovered it and all of them thanked me profusely for taking them there (and lived!). The food is a taste explosion.

Philly Steak House's cheesesteaks use great meat and are grilled fresh upon order. I know the meat is important because I've had the chicken philly and it was okay. Their cheesesteaks have everything a cheesesteak is supposed to have (except Cheeze Wiz. I don't care about that.) A better food writer than I would know why there are so awesome. I wish that I could replicate it but I can't. I can't replicate that the first bite is fantastic and yet, somehow, the last bite tastes even better than the first bite.

The gyros are just as good. I've always looked forward to the Greek Festival gyros. Now, I can't even eat a Greek Festival gyro. Philly Steak House keeps the lamb on a rotating kebab and they trim it off when you order and put it on the grill. I cannot imagine a more perfectly seasoned piece of meat. Then they put a very yummy, garlicky and brilliant Tzatziki sauce on the gyro. Honestly, I have no idea what the pita tastes like; all what matters is that it holds together for the rest of the goodies.

The hardest part about going to Philly Steak House is what to order. Gyro . . . cheesesteak. Cheesesteak . . . . gyro. There are two things I recommend in this situation. One, bring a good friend (mate?) who will order the other option and let you have a few bites. Two, share an order of chili-cheese fries.

I give the location and ambiance two lunch hours. Its adventurous to get to and I travel past some of my favorite Dayton neighborhoods but the restaurant is a former chain location and is really boring on the inside. The food is five lunch hours.

Just go there.

Update: I am devastated to report that Philly Steak House has served its last order. I talked to the owners and they were closing b/c business was not that good and they wanted to do other things. This is really bad news.


  1. Have you tried El Greco's Pizza Villa?

    It is on Salem - on the left after the Gettysburg intersection, located in the Shopkeeper’s Village. The dine-in part of the restaurant looks sketchy with burnt red carpet on the walls, but I would vote that it is some of the best food in Dayton!

    Try the steak sub, tacos, pizza… The homemade house dressing is awesome!

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