Thursday, August 20, 2009

Breakfast at Abner's

You'll have to ask who Abner is because I forgot to ask. Sorry.

I forgot to ask because I was too busy eating my breakfast and people watching. The breakfast food was great. I tried the eggs, toast, biscuits & gravy, and fried potatoes. All of them were really good, cheap, and filling enough that I forgot to eat lunch (that NEVER happens).

Abner's is a classic Dayton diner. They assume that you want coffee, they sell lotto tickets and they have a back room where the food comes out of. I love it all! Abner's does have really good food. Since my bad experience at Wympe's, I had been leery of trying a diner's biscuits and gravy. I am very happy to report that Abner's biscuits and gravy were very good.

There is some good people watching at Abner's. It is on the main road of E. Dayton so it attracts a crowd with a lot of life experiences. I know this because the tatoos were a rich tapestry of . . . something. I think that my guest and I were the only people in there without tats. They were very friendly (like most Daytonians).

One of my favorite things about Abner's is that it is a great place to get away and get work done, especially if an internet connection is not needed. It is not a loud diner, the people pretty much keep to themselves and they don't mind you hanging around.

I recommend Abner's for the people watching, the office like functions but most of all, they serve a really good breakfast. (but you must pay cash for it)

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  1. Nice info on the ambiance!

    What made the biscuits and gravy good compared to other places?

    Did you eat anything else?

    Ambiance (of varying types is important for sure) but I want to know about the food most of all. Could you elaborate on the food?
    Is the gravy thin or thick, what color is it, does it have sausage in it? if so, is it mild, spicy etc?

    And those biscuits, boy is there a world of difference in biscuits... homemade? light & fluffy or stick to the ribs, cat head or northern?

    Your description of the place makes me want to stop in sometime, but I'd like to hear your take on the food quality.

    Thanks very much!


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