Monday, December 28, 2009

A Buffet of Choices!

For the past several years, A Coworker and I have been trying various Indian restaurants around Dayton. The stated goal was to find the "Indian Wah-Fu". Unfortunately, that never happened. Fortunately, every meal was enjoyable.

I'm not qualified to speak about the authenticity. I have been to enough Indian restaurants to know what I liked and what was unique. Obviously, you should consider this the definitive review of Indian restaurants in Dayton. You're wrong. This is the definitive review of these restaurants' buffets. Fortunately for you, these buffets have been EXHAUSTIVELY investigated.

Amar India- (2751 Miamisburg Centerville Road) and Jeet India Restaurant (2632 Colonel Glenn Highway). For many years, when people consider Indian restaurants in Dayton, these were the restaurant that people thought of as the place to eat. They are solid restaurants. The food is always good and it has earned its reputation for quality.

Kohinoor Palace Fine Indian Cuisine (39 Springboro Pike) Kohinoor is okay. Some of the items were good and some were bad. Considering it splits the difference between Amar and Namaste, it is easy to never go back again.

Namaste India (9632 Springboro Pike) Namaste is the only restaurant on this list that does not have a buffet. It has a huge menu. You order and then they bring you the food; yet, it is not fast food (you sit there for a while actually). The food is really good and it is a great spot to grab a lunch.

Maharaja of Dayton (3464 New Germany Trebein Road). This one is mine and A Coworker's favorite. The buffet is big enough and all of the options are fantastic. The really great part about is that they have a thermos of Chai tea as a part of the buffet. Some may feel that is inconsequential in a review. SCREW YOU! Chai included in the buffet is absolutely essential for getting that 5th star.

There are plenty of Indian food restaurants in the region now. It is nice to see a whole restaurant cuisine come into town. I hope, and believe, that we have enough customers to support this cuisine. Other cuisines that I would like to order up Caribbean (especially a good Cuban restaurant), Kosher and more deli's. Most of all, I want more buffet's.


  1. Dayton is resplendent with awesome Indian restaurants, of course Maharaja has the best lunch buffet (Sorry Amar, it's true) The only problem with Dayton's selection of Indian restaurants is that none of them are close to downtown and therefore none of them are close enough to where I live to be a viable take-out option. I love Dayton, but I guess no place is perfect. :-)

  2. >The really great part about is that they have a thermos of Chai tea as a part fo the buffet. Some may feel that is inconsequential in a review. SCREW YOU!

    Wow. Chai is great, but... wow. You know, there are a lot of great-tasting decaffeinated beverages out there. You might want to look into them.


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