Monday, February 23, 2009

RIP, burger

This is a blog post that I will be updating periodically for as long as I write on this blog. It is a graveyard for great restaurants that have gone to that great take-out joint in the sky. In all seriousness, these business's failure led to great anguish to a family. This post celebrates and remembers the great food that they served.

Cafe Istanbul-This was the first place that I had Turkish food, which is awesome! It was also the only restaurant at the Greene that I could eat at and, due to its uniqueness, not feel like I was betraying the locally owned restaurants.

Mi Tierra-This was a restaurant in East Dayton. I could never guess what was going to close it down first, the health department or INS. I mean that as a compliment. It had the most authentic Mexican food in Dayton.

Linden Grill-was a nice little diner that was within walking distance from my house. It had good food and good service but it was just so cool to have a diner within walking distance of my house. That's why urban life is better than suburbia.

Terra Cotta Cafe- They moved out and left a whole in downtown's restaurant choices.

Philly Steak House- They had the best cheese steaks and gyros in town. I've found gyros that are comparable but I have not had a cheese steak that was in the same ball park.

Tony's- They were really good!

Wympee's- are they missed?

Bosco's - I never did a post about them but they were one of my favorites. That restaurant should NOT have gone down. It will definitely be missed and I just hope that their sweet potato fry and chipotle sauce recipes will show up somewhere else.

If you want to remember a favorite Dayton restaurant, mention it in the comments.


  1. Husband and I really loved the cheese fries at Parnell's on Wilmington. I think Husband had to have the cheese fries at least once a week while they were open. Parnell's suffered a slow and painful death which began with the limiting of the menu and culminated in them dropping Dr. Pepper off their drink list. This rendered them completely useless to Husband. Parnell's has since become Meercat's and is now Elsa's on the Boarder. Elsa's is a fantastic upgrade from anything it's ever been before, but damn we miss those cheese fries.

  2. Just an FYI, if you miss Cafe Istanbul at The Greene...try Pasha Grill, which is now at the same location. They are managed by a team that turned Cafe Istanbul around at Easton in Columbus, and the food there is great!

  3. Greg, what's the story of the Chili King?

  4. Oh, I loved Chili King! I only had the pleasure of eating there twice before they closed, but it was aweseome! It was the only place in Dayton I've ever been able to have Turkish coffee (random I know!)


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