Monday, February 23, 2009

Terra Cotta Cafe

What will it take for Terra Cotta Cafe to get recognized and slammed with business? Terra Cotta Cafe is a great sandwich serving coffee shop (or a great coffee serving sandwich shop) on the corner of 5th and Ludlow. It is downtown but not near any major office buildings. It is close to the convention center but not close enough that people who go to only an event at the convention center would know about it. I understand that its 3 blocks from Courthouse Square but this is the problem with downtown Dayton, people are too lazy to walk 3 blocks.

My favorite thing about Terra Cotta Cafe is that I never see anyone there that I know. It makes it very convenient to meet someone in private or going to get some work done without distractions. Terra Cotta is the one place that I don't tell people about . . . but I need it to survive. I no longer have the luxury of a cafe that does okay in the good times.

Terra Cotta has great food. They have innovative panninis and sandwiches. They throw some classic ingredients together in an innovative way and they really like pesto, a favorite ingredient of mine. Today's special was "Pepperjack Turkey Club Melt. This melt has turkey, tomato, bacon, mayo and pepperjack cheese grilled on choice of bread." That is the prototypical Terra Cotta Cafe sandwich. They have a menu full of these kinds of sandwichs.

Terra Cotta also has a full service coffee machine and coffee specials. They really do their coffee specials well. On Friday, they had a coffee special of Large Chocolate Covered Raspberry Mocha. I know that this is a little fancy but break it down, this is coffee with chocolate and raspberries. It is a tried and true recipe for anyone woman or man who is comfortable with society's perception of his masculinity.

My biggest problem with Terra Cotta Cafe is that they don't have a web site. It is inexcusable for a restaurant to be without a web site as we approach 2010. This will be a common lament on Diving Through Dayton.

As my first restaurant posting, I give you my favorite "secret" place because I'm legitimately worried about them going out of business. I'm not happy about this. Please visit them.


  1. I LOVE Terra Cota Cafe...just ate lunch there today. It is a nice walk from the Kettering Tower and I hope more downtown workers start visiting them. I didn't know anyone in the place either - hopefully that changes.

  2. I second that. When I am downtown, which is sporadic anymore, I always make it habit of grabbing lunch at Terra Cotta. Great sandwiches, good coffee, and friendly help. It is a must stop.

  3. I have walked down there a few times for a solid cup of coffee, or a good chai tea. It's a bit far from my office, and since I only get half an hour for lunch, I have never sat down to eat, since by the time I get there and order I'd probably only have 10 minutes left. Maybe I can get something to go? I will definately do that.

  4. I have gone to the cafe to get some coffee or a good chai tea a few times, but I have never stopped to eat. I unfortuantely only get about half an hour for lunch and my office is a bit of a walk so by the time I get there and sit down I might only have 10 minutes left. Maybe I can order something to go? I will try.

  5. Brian, you can also call your order in ahead of time.


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