Sunday, May 3, 2009

BOW to the Master

I generally respect cockiness. If you're good, you should not hide from it. I have no idea who Benjamin is but he's the Burger Master. Benjamin's The Burger Master is a little place about a mile north of downtown on Main St. It is surprisingly close to downtown, closer than Brown St. restaurants. It is also close to the best burger around.

I describe a Burger Master burger as how I think Wendy's burgers were before it became a chain restaurant. The cook butters the bun with a continuously rolling metal tube that covers itself in melted butter. (Where can I buy one of those?!?!? How awesome would that be for toast or eating mashed potatoes.) I really don't know what else they do because they wouldn't let me work there for a lunch shift.

My standard order is bacon cheeseburger and fried okra. The burgers are very fresh, thin, and only cooked one way. They aren't huge chunks of meat. They don't need to be cut-up. I think it helps in the cooking process that they are so thin. The burgers are a little crispy without being burnt. It all adds up to being a lot of flavor.

I also really enjoy the fried okra there. The coating is crispy but the okra is still juicy. Unfortunately, the french fries are not good at Burger Master. They taste like they've been cooked in the same oil as the chicken.

Yes, Burger Master offers a wide range of menu options besides burgers. They are okay. Go for the burgers.

I'm really curious to know who Benjamin is/was. I've been there plenty of times and I don't think that I've ever seen a man even working there. I would like to imagine that this person doesn't even "work" there. He just walks around knowing that he's created a fantastic meal. If you've created a great meal, go and be cocky!

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