Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Legend is Found

I have been hearing about Voltzy's for years and years. I've been dubious about its existence. I just couldn't believe that a restaurant like that could exist in the area people kept telling me about and couldn't be seen. But, the legend was true.

Voltzy's has a lot going for it. 1)The cook makes fantastic burgers. 2)It is a trailer with a wooden shed attached and some picnic tables in front. 3)The owner throws wicked barbs at the customers 4)There is no sign for the place and 5)There are no fries on the menu. Let me address these in reverse order.

5) I love fries. I like thick fries. I like thin fries. I like just about any fries. I respect that Voltzy's does not serve fries because the owner is only focusing on what he does well. That is the sign of a good entrepreneur, focusing on what you do well. Chips are on the menu but order more meat instead.

5a) The menu is dominated with burgers, Philly steak's, sausage, and ham. It's all about meat. If you're distracted with fries, then you can't put a 140 oz. burger on the menu for $33.

4) I have a soft spot for arrogant burger places so any place that is too famous to even have a sign is doing alright. It does make it hard (impossible) to find without a guide but it does bring cache . . .

3) The owner is an ass but you wouldn't want him any other way. He looks to insult every customer that comes in (except children) and even people that call orders ahead of time. What makes it fun is that its unique for the region and the guy is genuinly funny. He makes a fun visit even more memorable.

2) There is no established restaurant. The place has been there for 18 years but they don't have a building. It is a trailer and a few places to sit. I don't think that I would go there in the snow (and it may not even be open) but the outdoor eating is even more awesome when the weather is nice.

1) These are my new favorite burgers. Benjamin's was my top choice for years and now that I did a blog post about it I jinxed them and found something even better. (I hope that this trend continues!) I got a couple of hots which aren't on the menu. They're burgers, grilled onions, maybe some other stuff and some hot sauce to top it off. The burgers are a little smaller than contemporary burgers so order a little extra but they are not as small as a slyder. The meat is fantastic, fresh, and juicy.

Voltzy's is real and it is as good as the legend says. The cheeseburger is $1. The Philly Steak is $3.95. This is one of the few restaurants that I've been to where I'm looking forward to trying, and will track, everything on the menu.


  1. I drove up and down Kettering Ave, (OK just down and down as it's one way) and I never could find Voltzy's. Does it really exist? How about a Google Streets picture...

  2. If you go South on Dixie, it's right across from the Channel 2 studio. The "restaurant" is a trailer attached to a truck.

  3. He is now in the parking lot south of Kastle ELectric, 4501 Kettering Blvd and on MySpace at

  4. It's OK maybe once or twice a year kinda like a Big Mac or trip to White Castle. The price is good, the food is filling (and very greasy). Voltzy's shtick is cute in small doses but wears thin pretty quick. Don't get me wrong, I like the food, I like the guy....but it ain't all that.


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